An open, vibrant and safe living environment to give free rein to creativity!

What is street cafe?

Our mission

The Café de rue Solidaire de Terrebonne is an open, non-restrictive, welcoming and safe environment that aims to prevent the social dropout that can lead to homelessness among young adults aged 18 to 30. We work with an approach that recognizes the whole person.

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What is our goal?

A creative place, in your image

  • Provide a safe and healthy living environment in order to defuse crisis situations;
  • Promote Empowerment (regain power over your life);
  • Promote social integration;
  • Foster potential and autonomy;
  • Create a network of support and belonging;
  • Allow young people to achieve and value themselves through innovative projects;
  • Directly refer young people to specialized resources according to the needs and problems expressed;
  • Promote partnership and concerted action between community authorities.

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Social justice

You who frequent the Café, you will be treated fairly, regardless of your gender, your sexual orientation, your gender identity, your nationality, your religion, your social background, your tastes and interests. You will be welcomed into non-judgment! We aim for equal rights with a view to collective solidarity between you, by and for you: in this diverse micro-society that is the Café de rue, everyone is entitled to their dignity and respect.

mutual aid

Help each other through sharing according to each other’s strengths and limitations. Mutual aid at the Café makes it possible to overcome certain difficulties, obstacles, challenges, but also to face the different problems and realities of people by combining the strengths of all to facilitate the daily life of each individual.


The Street Café operates in a spirit of solidarity allowing everyone to weave links where a feeling of mutual aid and a feeling of moral duty towards each of its members is born. In short, it is a place where each individual acts and collaborates in the general interest of the group.

“Let us help each other, The burden of our ills will be lighter. »
– JEAN-PIERRE CLARIS DE FLORIAN, Fables, the Blind Man and the Paralytic


Respect is to consider someone according to the value that we give to this person. It is also to accept the limits of a person so as not to exceed them. To respect someone, you must not be in judgment, but in the acceptance of the other person.

What do we offer you

Discover our different services

Socialization / creation

The Street Café is a living environment where many activities take place and where you can let your creativity run wild.

Access to telecommunications tools

A computer and a telephone are available on site at all times.

Food troubleshooting

Every day, meals, coffee and snacks are served to the young people. Then, on Mondays, food boxes are distributed on registration for people aged 18 to 30 residing in Terrebonne center.

Laundry room/shower and hygienic troubleshooting

A shower and laundry service are available. In addition, we distribute hygiene products (soap, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)

Storage service

Under certain conditions, it is possible to reserve a locker to store personal effects.

Distribution of safe consumables

Sterile consumables (syringes, crack pipes) and naloxone are available. We also collect soiled consumables.

Condoms and lubricants

It is possible to obtain condoms and lubricants for free. Latex-free condoms are also available.

Psychosocial help

Every day, psychosocial workers are on site. They are there to listen to you if you need to talk, inform you, refer you, support you and accompany you in your steps, according to YOUR needs.

Pregnancies / children
You can come and get pregnancy tests, diapers and hygienic products for children.

Our funders

  • Support program for community organizations (PSOC)
  • Reaching Home (VCS) – Designated Communities

Discover our team


Intervener with a DEC in special education and a certificate in drug addiction. Sporty, clumsy and friendly.


After twenty years in intervention and five years in management, I joined the street café team as administrative coordinator. My community involvement leads me to complete a dynamic, creative team full of projects in a pleasant and joyful work environment.


Student in social work at the University of Quebec in Outaouais, Jérémy is easy to approach and loves talking to people. His main interests other than human relations are music and cinema.


Newly posted as clinical coordinator, I am proud and happy to put my many years of experience in social reintegration, domestic violence and clinical management to good use. A committed woman with a lively community spirit, I am committed to sharing and considering the other in their WHOLENESS. Happy to be part of this great team to HELP you and develop, the Café. Know that I remain available for anyone who would like to talk to me. I look forward to meeting you.


Psychology student at the University of Montreal. New practitioner and very motivated to gain experience in intervention with you. Between the Café and the university, I like playing the guitar and listening to music.



Clinical coordination

Administrative co-ordination

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